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I am posting content that is unique to Instagram. sometimes it is fun to work within the Instagram constraints
It is SFW but it is still worth looking at. like this one of Sierra McKenzie

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I will be showing at Scott Church's Annual Show for the 5th time this year. Stop by if you are near Lancaster, PA always a good time.
Today my Mother Nancy lost her 3 year battle with ovarian cancer. My father and brothers and I were by her side.

My mother was a force of nature. She fought hard to the very end. And even when she was given bad news about her treatment she did not despair she fought harder.

She was a wonderful mother and role model.  She was kind and compassionate and always thought of others. She touched many lives. Especially those of my brothers and I.  

While the hole in my heart is great I take comfort in the fact that I see a lot of her in myself.  That and the fact that her Influence such a large part of me that she will always be with me.  In memory of Nancy by Scottworldwide
I have been spending time with my mother. She is near the end of her 3 year struggle with ovarian cancer. She has approached this challenge with the same vigor with which she has approached every other aspect of life. From raising 4 boys to her career in real estate. She has once again been an example of strength and dignity for my brothers and I.  She is also a big fan of my work.

I post this not for pity but I do ask that you say a prayer or send positive thoughts that her final journey be as  speedy and painless as possible. Thank you.For those who have noticed My absence.  by Scottworldwide
502e4cb499108e429a6515368cc338e6 by Scottworldwide
Once again I am proud to be featured in and to have designed The Scott Church 2015 Calendar.
Get yours here:…
It is a 15 month Calendar features 14 beautiful Beautiful women Including: Ludella Hahn, Nyxon, Josie Sparks and Chrystal Nikole. Shot on location at the Caliente Resort in Tampa, Florida.
Scott Worldwide by Grafexecutor

Thank you to my friend Vercinhendorix :icongrafexecutor: for the cool banner sorry it took me so long to figure out how to place it
My work is part of this show. Come see me, my work and a lot of other cool people. Just for clarification I am not Scott Church.
janflyerSC1 5141fix by Scottworldwide
Get a copy of the 2014 Scott Church Calendar. Shot on location at Scott's workshop in the Dominican Republic. Features Scott's work as well as work by me and many other talented photographers. And models like Karin Noel, Luda, Kelli Lynn Sage, Ami Jo, and Ashley Graham all for less than $10. To order click here:…
2014 by Scottworldwide
My work was featured In an interview in "The {Naked} Issue" with Roarie Yum. Roarie is an extremely talented model and amazing to work with so I am extremely excited to have my work included in the project.  Check it out here:…

tumblr mp08a5LQc81rc1trdo1 1280 by Scottworldwide

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Thank you for all the positive comments. Even some of the negative ones. I really enjoy doing this and I am always flattered and amazed that so many people like the work. I do not forget for a moment that this is mainly because of the many beautiful talented women I have been fortunate enough to work with. To them I say thank you as well.

I really do appreciate the feedback even if I don't respond to every comment. You can only say thank you so many ways :) I prefer to say it by posting more work.
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This one is full of great shots by Scott Church :iconscottchurch:

This 13 month calendar was designed by me and features 11 beautiful ladies in the Dominican republic.
And it has some of my images as well all for less than $10,

Buy it here:…
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Lots of great work by amazing area artists. Come say hi.
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Thank you for all the follows I am up to a much more respectable 88 as of this writing.
I have been posting some unique content on tumbler. As the list of followers grows I will change it up even more.

Check it out here

Don't forget the DR trip is coming up soon. I am thinking of posting one model only on Tumblr

Thanks again
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I only have 15 followers it is kind of pathetic. If I hit 25 I will start posting exclusive pictures.
I am going to the Dominican republic next month and will be spending 6 days with 12 nude models on a shoot.
I know you all feel very bad for me about this. But there will be lots of photos.

Thank you in advance

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A new ebook from an all day shoot shoot with Leeann Leah

Mature Content

Lee Ann 4.3 by Scottworldwide

it features my work as well as several other Photographers
It was created by Magical Images :iconmagicalimages: who is an amazing photographer
if you have not seen his page you are missing out.
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RoPo 22 by Scottworldwide

I am honored and excited to have received a Daily Deviation today for this Photo of Cat RoPo. She is as easy to work with as she is beautiful.

Thank you to FluffyLover1986 for the recommendation he is a true fan!

I would also like to take this chance to say thank you for all the positive comments, the favorites, and the watches.

I really enjoy creating these images. It is great to know that so many of you enjoy looking at them.

This is an amazing site I am glad to be a member.

Thank you! Scottworldwide
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